I really enjoy making cellos; and to date have made over 40.  I’ve played the instrument since childhood, so it’s a special pleasure when the instrument is finished that I can try it and feel its response and character under my own fingers.

My aim is to make cellos which have a warm, rich expressive sound which projects well.  I use a number of models including Stradivari and G B Ruggieri. 

I also have an interest in developing models for players with small hands, who find the left-hand stretch of a full-size cello difficult.  To meet the needs of these players, I offer two small full-size models; one based on Gasparo da Salo and the other  based on Peter Guarneri of Venice, as well as  a seven-eighths size based on Andrea Guarneri.

My cellos are played internationally; by the co-principal of the Royal Philharmonic, members of the Hallé and Norwegian Radio orchestras, and by cellists in the UK, Sweden and Belgium. Two concerto finalists of the BBC Young Musician Competition performed on my cellos.

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“Before visiting you I did a lot of shop visiting and contacting makers and it all became a bit of a hassle, especially as some makers are so pushy and desperate to make a quick sale with no real interest in what they're making/selling to who. I can honestly say that you've been by far the nicest, and I really get the feeling that you love making instruments and that's why they turn out so well!” Freelance cello player and teacher

“We are all really delighted with the cello and I know I speak for the whole family in saying that it has been a real pleasure making your acquaintance and seeing a rare craft at work. The instrument is beautiful, and our son’s teacher was greatly impressed.”  Parent of player of the pictured cello

“I have been playing my Michetschläger cello for 15 years now and am happier than ever with it. I have played concertos, recitals, chamber music and many orchestral solos on it and always receive positive comments about the rich sound and beautiful tone quality.  It is a strong and reliable instrument which travels well and deals with the demands of touring excellently."  Jonathan Ayling, co-principal cello RPO